How to activate the RotaryDevice-support in Tempest 2000 for the Atari Jaguar

The title-screen
Stays till you press Fire B,
followed by the GameType-screen

The GameType-screen
Press OPTION to enter the Options-screen

The Options-screen
If the support for Rotary-Devices isn't activated yet, the menu only offers 2 choices, "DISPLAY SETUP" and "CONTROLLER SETUP" (for mapping game-actions to the fire buttons ):

To activate the support for Rotary-Devices press simultaneously PAUSE on both controllers attached to the two joypad-ports of the Jaguar-console (this activation will be saved on Eeprom for later plays).
The menu will now show an additional third choice called "CONTROLLER TYPE":

Select this third menuitem "CONTROLLER TYPE" and press Fire B to enter the RotarySupport-screen

The RotarySupport-screen
Use this menu to tell Tempest 2000 to which port you have attached the Rotary Device:

To leave this screen select "EXIT" and press Fire B to go back to the Options-screen