Pictures from Euro-Jagfest 2011

Here is a map of the event room:

And here are some pictures:

Sandra and Sijmen Schouten who run the Atari-Shop Netherlands brought along a lot of stuff to Euro-Jagfest:

Gaztee is still unpacking...

Gaztee delivered this box full of Impulse X cartridge boxes and labels to me:

This photo shows both kind of packings of Impulse X:
The cartridge box (on top of the monitor) and the DVD-box of the CD-Version (to the right of the monitor).
You can also see that i used a Skunkboard V2 to run cartridge-versions of either Impulse X or Double Feature #1 this year.

Reboot had brought along the special Downfall-controller ("One button is enough!").

An artist was painting a picture of the Jaguar-console during the event:

Thorsten Butschke aka Mad Butcher gives a brief overview of the projects and items that can be seen this year at the Euro-Jagfest:

Sijmen knows how to master Impulse X using a Rotary Controller ;-)

And guess who won? Gaztee!

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