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How to exchange your selfcreated Impulse X level set

Using the CD version of Impulse X, you can store a complete set of 40 selfcreated levels onto your Memory Track cartridge.

A selfcreated level made by Bryan Bosley
A level created by Bryan Bosley

This webpage will tell you:

  • how to transfer this selfcreated level set to your PC via a serial connection using the Memory Track Manager 2003 Remix contained on the Impulse X CD
    and also
  • how to install such a level set on your Memory Track with the help of the Impulse X Level Import Creator using either a BJL-upload or a CD-R.
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Memory Track Manager 2003 Remix

The CD version of Impulse X provides an enhanced version of the familiar Memory Track Manager which is called "Memory Track Manager 2003 Remix" and offers you the ability to transfer files stored on the Memory Track cartridge to your computer using a serial cable connection.
Learn more about the Memory Track Manager 2003 Remix here.

To start the Memory Track Manager 2003 Remix hold key 2 down while you boot your Impulse X CD till the screen wents blank, some seconds later the Jaguar should present a screen like this:

An enhanced version of the regular MT manager
Select the file "IMPULSE X LEVELSSLF" using the UP and DOWN keys and
press key 5 to start the transfer of the selected file:

Press 5 to transfer the selected file
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Impulse X Level Import Creator

To be able to overwrite the Memory Track file "LEVELSSLF" which contains the Impulse X level set that can be changed by the user you will need a Jaguar program called ImpXLoader.bin

Bryan Bosley aka OMF has created a Windows program called Impulse X Level Import Creator offering a nice userinterface to merge the said Jaguar program ImpXLoader.bin with any Impulse X level data file of your choice.

Download it here.

Step 1: Start ImpulseXLevelImportCreator.exe and it will show you this window:

Tool written by Bryan Bosley, start screen

Step 2: Now select the file with your desired Impulse X level set:

Tool written by Bryan Bosley, after choosing the level file

Step 3: Press "Make Installer" and the Impulse X Level Import Creator creates the Jaguar program ImpxLoader.bin containing your choosen level file in the choosen destination folder:

Tool written by Bryan Bosley, after creating the executable Jaguar-program file

Now upload the just created ImpxLoader.bin to your Jaguar either using a BJL-cable and the BJL-upload option of Impulse X (upload/run address is $4000) or using a bootable CD containing ImpXLoader.bin (you can use Reboot's Jiffi-tool to create such a CD).

When the ImpxLoader.bin is successfully started on your Jaguar, it shows a start screen similar to the Impulse X game first, then it shows this screen:

ImpxLoader main screen
Press either A, B or C on your Jagpad to let the ImpXLoader install the new level set.

When the level set is installed successfully, you can switch off your Jaguar. The fresh installed level set will be available to you next time you boot the Impulse X game.

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Copyright 2014 Matthias Domin