JagLink Description

The JagLink is used to connect two Jaguars via the DSP-port.

To the left you can see the DSP-port plug with it's 12 PCB-contacts.

To the right there is the case for the single-sided PCB with the MAX232-compatible LT1181ACN chip, four 100 nF capacitors and the RJ45 Western socket. Only the four inner wires of the RJ45 socket are used.
Inside the JagLink case
The Jaguar's external DSP connector is a custom 12-pin, two row edge connector. The top row is row A, the bottom row is row B. Pin 1 is on the left, pin 6 on the right when looking at the console from the rear.

So Tx of the JagLink is connected to pin 2B (UART_TXD), Rx is connected to pin 3B (UART_RXD), Gnd to 6B (GND) and +5V to 1B (Vcc, 50 mA maximum load).