Here are three pictures showing different charactersets for the playfields:
Atari Fuji-characterset



The pictures above were taken during a single-player game, here are some from a two-player game:
The Jagmen at their starting positions

Jagmen on their run...
Here the yellow Jagman has just earned a bonus of 200 points by killing an enemy.
The yellow arrows indicate tunnels to the other side of the maze.

And here is a video i have put on YouTube showing the 2-player-mode in action:

When the game is paused, you can request an overview of the maze, the overview helps you finding the pills in the maze.
Maze overview

You may have noticed that the shown maze is an altered version of level 1 of Jagmania.
Jagmania has 32 levels, the first 16 may be altered by the player using the built in level-editor and saved to the cartridge.

Here are two pictures showing editor-screens. The first one shows the screen used to select the level, the second the editor itself:
Screen to select the maze to edit  The editor itself