ConnectTHEM is a new game for your Jaguar written by Matthias Domin.
Graphics by Duranik, music and SFX by Nils Feske.

In ConnectTHEM each of the two players throw one after the other their chips into the columns of a grid having 6 rows and 7 columns, their goal is to be the first to have 4 of their chips forming a line (either vertically, horizontally or diagonally).

It will be released on encrypted CD and supports the following features:
  • 4 available game modes: Human vs. Computer, Human vs. Human, Computer vs. Human and Computer vs. Computer
  • The skill of the computer opponent is adjustable from easy to very hard
  • Multi-Lingual (Dutch, English, French, German, Italian)
  • Screen position is adjustable by the user
  • Settings are stored on MemoryTrack-cartridges
  • BJL-loader, allowing to upload RAM-based programs from PCs using a special cable (not included).
Choose the gamtype:
The game screen:
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