PushThem for your Jaguar was written by Matthias Domin.
Game engine by Olivier Thiell, graphics by Duranik.

Object of the game is to move items spread in a room with narrow corridors to their proper storage positions by pushing them around.

PushThem supports the following features:
  • 50 challenging levels
  • Separate highscore lists for finishing a level either within the best time or the lowest number of moves.
  • Settings and hiscore lists are stored on MemoryTrack-cartridges
In the first level you only have to move one item to its destination:
Press 1 to get the help-screen displayed:
A look at a highscore list:
PushThem was released as a hidden game on the Double Feature #1 Jaguar-CD in 2006, to get this hidden game started hold down 3 and press A, B or C when you are at the game selection screen of DF#1: