Reversi is a new game for your Jaguar written by Matthias Domin.
Graphics by Duranik, music and SFX by Nils Feske.

In Reversi two players try to dominate the 8x8 playfield, one player does his move after the other, each trying to capture pieces of the opponent by enclosing them with his own stones.

It will be released on encrypted CD and supports the following features:
  • 4 available game modes: Human vs. Computer, Human vs. Human, Computer vs. Human and Computer vs. Computer
  • Multi-Lingual (Dutch, English, French, German, Italian)
  • Screen position is adjustable by the user
  • Settings are stored on MemoryTrack-cartridges
  • BJL-loader, allowing to upload RAM-based programs from PCs using a special cable (not included).
Each player starts with 2 of his pieces set into the middle of the playfield:
The program can give you hints (yellow dots) about onto which fields you can legally set your pieces:
Use any of 4 possible combinations of players:
Select your favorite language: