Atari provided MAKETRK to wrap the necessary headers and tailers around the core-content of CD-project-trackfiles.

Commandline parameters for MAKETRK.EXE (call MAKETRK without any parameters to get this info listed):

Usage: MAKETRK [options] file


-t{n} = Track number for header & tailer (REQUIRED)

-b{addr} = Specify track is BOOT code to load at {addr} (hex address)

-s{size} = Specify size (in hex) of BOOT track (must be used with -b)
(Defaults to the length of the 1st file specified for track.)

-p{size} = Specify padding at end of file. The {size} parameter is
optional. If specified, it is a HEX value for the desired
minimum file size. (Default size is 1 megabyte.)

-i = Write MADMAC source code & MADMAC/C include files.

-z = Write dummy ZERO word at start of file.

-m{code} = Specify Partition Marker for input file. {code} is a
4-byte ASCII string to be used to create partition marker.
(Strings less than 4 characters will be padded with spaces.
Default marker is 'TRxx' where 'xx' is the track number.)

{file} = Filename of the input file.
-l {file} = Specify a track list contained in {file}.
(You cannot use both an input file and a track list file.)