We use 2 CDRecord-calls to create the encrypted multi-session Jaguar-CD.
Please note that you need to check at least the -dev=0,0,0 parameter, if necessary you need to alter it to suit your environment!
CDRECORD -speed=1 -dev=0,0,0 -pad -audio -multi WARNING.WAV
CDRECORD -speed=1 -dev=0,0,0 -pad -audio HV.RAW PM_DUMMY.RAW TRK_2.RAW

The first CDRecord-call will create the first session of the CD, the only track of this session is created out of WARNING.WAV.
Here is a description of the parameter-list of this first CDRecord-call:

The second CDRecord-call will create the second session of the CD, containing 3 tracks ("HV.RAW",  "PM_DUMMY.RAW", "TRK_2.RAW").
As the call doesn't include the -multi-Parameter this will be the last session of the CD because CDRecord will finish it.