Browser for the serial E2proms on Atari Jaguar-game-cartridges

The programarchive is about 5 KB and contains a program to browse through the E2proms found on the game-cartridges and which are used to store game-data.
The program supports the following Eeprom-types: 93C46 (128byte-Standard), 93C56, 93C66, 93C76 and 93C86 (2048 bytes, found on BattlesphereGold and any JagFreeCD compatible card).
Load- and startaddress is $4000.

The start-screen:

Use Fire A to toggle between the default ASCII-view and a HEX-output:
Startscreen with HEX-ouput

The tool will detect the type of the e2prom on the inserted card.
But you can use the keys #4 to #8 to change the used type (93C46, 93C56, 93C66, 93C76, 93C86):
view with wrong e2prom-type view with wrong e2prom-type in HEX-mode

Use Left and Right to select another area of 128 bytes (called slot):
Slot with Jagmania-save-game-data Slot with Jagmania-save-game-data in HEX-view
The pictures above show the first slot of Jagmania-save-game-data. Jagmania occupies up to four slots.

You have to press OPTION to be able to call special functions like clearing a slot (= setting the 128 bytes of the slot to $FF), filling the slot with a pattern based on the slot-number (like "Slot0x6") or to show the slot-structure (see JagFree CD-specification to learn more about this structure).