Jeff Minter demos for the Atari Jaguar

From late 1991 to early 1992 Jeff Minter wrote several small demo-programs for the Atari Jaguar, later Atari used some of them in advertising movies to promote the Jaguar. In November 2007 Glenn Bruner released a sourcecode-archive containing the original sources, but unfortunately the released programs don't work on the retail console because they were written for Jaguar-prototypes with a different memory map.
Fortunately it wasn't too hard to figure out the necessary changes to the sourcecode, so we all can now enjoy the great demos Jeff Minter wrote on our beloved Jaguar-console.

Source-code-archives:, the source-archive with the original 1991/1992-stuff (released by Glenn Bruner), the updated source-archive (updates done by me, Matthias Domin)

If you aren't able to upload the demo-programs contained in the above listed source-archives, but own a Jaguar-CD-player, then you can burn yourself an encrypted CD using one of these.
The CD offers a start-menu, press either key 1 or 2 to start the choosen demo, or OPTION to see a copyright-screen, or * and # to start the 8bit-BJL-uploader., tracks for use with CDRecord, image for DiscJuggler, image for use with Nero

Webpage written by Matthias Domin on december 15, 2007.