Adding the ControllerType-bits to your normal Jaguar Joypad

The Atari Jaguar is able to detect which type of controller is attached to any of its Joypad-ports. The attached controller has to set the ControllerType-bits C2 and C3 of the Joypad Controller Matrix with the appropriate values:
Possible Controller types
C2 C3 Controller Type
0 0 Reserved
0 1 Bank switching controller (analog joystick, head-mounted tracker etc.)
1 0 "Tempest" rotary controller
1 1 "Standard" Jaguar joypad controller (or nothing connected)

This page describes how you can modify your normal Joypad to make it capable to respond with any of the 4 possible controller types.

I've enhanced a Joypad-schematic drawn by Elmar Hilgart to explain the necessary modifications:

A look at a modified Joypad

Here is a list of the necessary parts:

The main modification

First build a small CB with the jumperfield, the diodes and attach the 4 wires to this new CB. Please make sure that you have always shorten the jumper for the gray wire, else you won't enjoy the PAUSE-button any more!

Then connect the white, pink and blue wires to the Number-pad-PCB:

Connect the white wire to pin 2 of chip U1 (the 74HCT244):

Connect the pink and the blue wire to these soldering points near to the 'Number 3' contact area:

Now cut of the wire number 10 of P2 (the ribbon cable connection between the Number-pad PCB and the Thumb-pad PCB). Counting from the outside!

Now solder the gray wire to the part of wire number 10 coming from the Thumb-pad PCB.

That's all! You can test the modification with my TeamTap-tool