Boxes of the LYNX I

I own two different boxes for the Lynx I. Although they are of different size the artwork on them is almost the same.

The dimensions of the bigger box are:
width = 44.0 cm (~17.3 inches)
height = 13.0 cm (~ 5.1 inches)
depth = 20.0 cm (~ 7.9 inches)

The dimensions of the smaller box are:
width = 42.0 cm (~16.5 inches)
height = 10.6 cm (~ 4.2 inches)
depth = 17.5 cm (~ 6.9 inches)

The EAN-code for both is 0 77000 50495 1
The parts number for the bigger box is CA400419-001 PA2002
The parts number for the smaller box is C104255-001 PA2002
The serial number on the bigger box is Y1061005755
The serial number on the smaller box is Y20B5025057

The text on both boxes is the same and in english only.

Unfortunately the dealers saved the costs for a parcel, so the shipping-labels are glued on the top of the Lynx-boxes :-(
The smaller box has a big orange star glued on it saying
(in the last two lines some letters are missing from the label).

As you can see in the picture below the boxes show a different type of the Lynx I than i received (look at the thumb-pad).

View at the top side of a Lynx I box

The text on the left side of the boxes says:
System Includes
Lynx portable color entertainment unit
California Games Lynx game card:
4 games in 1
Multiplayer ComLynx cable
AC adaptor

Lynx Power Source
(use one of the following)
AC adaptor (included with system)
6 "AA" batteries
Cigarette lighter adaptor (optional)

View at the left side of a Lynx I box

The text on the right side of the boxes says:
Look For These and More
Lynx Game Card Titles
Coming Soon!

And then these four games are shown with a picture, name and publisher:
Blue Lightning by Epyx
Gates of Zendocon by Epyx
Electrocop by Atari
Rampage by Bally

View at the right side of a Lynx I box

View at the front side of a Lynx I box

View at the rear side of a Lynx I box

The bottom side exlains certain features of the Lynx.
On the left side four pictures taken from California Games are shown
and on the right side a picture of family playing a comlynxed game is shown.

View at the bottom side of a Lynx I box