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The Jaguar programs on this page have been developed using Roine Stenberg's Jaguar Server and 42Bastian Schick's BJL-Kit !

Euro-Jagfest 2004

Euro-Jagfest 2005

Euro-Jagfest 2006

Euro-Jagfest 2008

Euro-Jagfest 2009

Euro-Jagfest 2011

Schematic of the Atari Jaguar (860 KB)

Images of some Jaguar Cartridge PCBs Schematic of Cartridge for use with EPROMs or FLASH-ROMs (125 KB)

How to do the BJL-modification

Information about the BJL-Loader

How to add a reset-key

The 50Hz/60Hz-Switch:
Remove a possible prsent 0-Ohm-Resistor at position R140 and solder the two wires coming from the switch to the solder-pads.

Almost complete populated Ethernet/FLASH-card

A link to Informations about my Ethernet/FLASH-card project on AtariAge.

Some stuff about the JagLink device

Informations about the usage of the AnalogDigital-input of the Jaguar

Some (outdated) info about The Jaguar Engine, an enhancement of the Jaguar with an IDE- and two PS/2-ports and the familiar TOS-operating system.



Clicks! Logo

Clicks! is a puzzle-game for the Jaguar.

Double Feature #1

Double Feature #1 Logo

"Double Feature #1" combines the two strategy games Reversi and ConnectThem.

Availabe on CD
Double Feature #1 CD
and on the Impulse X Cartridge.

Impulse X

Impulse X Logo

Impulse X is a Breakout-like game.

Available on CD and Cartridge:
Impulse X CD Impulse X Cartridge

My new project: JAGMARBLE Version 0.03 (About 7 KB)!

A Marble Madness-clone, with again improved character-set.

April 19, 1998: Now with "simple" NTSC-support!

Pictures are on the Lynx page.


Screenshot of my last Jaguar project JAGMANIA

Jagmania is a PACMANIA-Clone with 32 different mazes.

It is possible to save the highscore list on the EEPROM of a cartridge.

Load the latest version of my game JAGMANIA (Just 102 KB)!

April 18, 1998: Now with "simple" NTSC-support!
January 3, 2001: Integrated the MOD-player by Sinister Developments.


Jeff Minter demos
Some demo-programs written by Jeff Minter



Here you can find some information about my JagBASIC-project.

Controlling the Atari FLASH-card


WinFLASH is a Windows-program to utilize Atari's FLASH-card.

CD Creating

Jaguar CD logo

11. January 2007:
Here is the Sourcecode of my BJL-Version of the CD-encryption program.

4. January 2007:
I have altered my BJL-version of the CD-encryption program in that way, that in now runs from CD!
After starting the program from CD you can open the Jaguar-CD-player and insert the CD you want to encrypt.
ZIP-archives (each about 2.3 MB) of the CD-tracks or complete CD-images in several versions can be downloaded here:

Example: Reading from CD

Here is the sourcecode of an example-program which reads 3 graphics from CD whenever the user presses FireB and then shows them on screen .

First graphic Second graphic Third graphic

Program for choosing ChrY-colour values in 256 colour mode

ChrY-program (Uses the joypad in port 1): COLORS.ZIP (Only 3 KB)! Updated on July 14, 2001!

CRY-Viewer (Mouse-Version)

Connecting a digital mouse to the Atari Jaguar

The wring diagram

The necessary driver software and an adapted version of the ChrY-program (mouse connected to port 2): COLMOUSE.ZIP (Only 4 KB)!

20060226: Two new demo-programs for mice and RotaryControllers including sourcecode:
With TwoMice you can test your digital mouse at Port2, the sourcecode contains a detailed description of the userinterface.
Updated 20071230: Enhanced the interrupt-handling.
OneAxis is derived from TwoMice, it is quite optimized and evaluates only the data of one axis.

"Rotary Controller"

Variation of the Mouse-adapter for use with an Atari VCS 2600 Driving Controller:
2600 Driving Controller with Jaguar-Joyport-Adapter The adapter in its casing

The wiring is much simpler:

The 2k6DCA-wiring scheme

"Rotary Controller support in Tempest 2000"

Tempest 2000
Here is a description how you can activate the Rotary Controller Support in Tempest 2000.


You can attach a lightgun to Joypad-Port1 of the Jaguar, but you will need at least an adapter and most likely an internal modification of the lightgun. I had to modify both lightgun-models i own to let the firebutton trigger to close from Ground to the dataline (as the Jaguar will recognize "Ground" as "button depressed").
Adapter for Sega Lightphaser
Adapter for Sega Lightphaser
Sega Lightphaser
Offener Sega Lightphaser
Adapter for Sinclair Magnum
Adapter for Sinclair Magnum
Sinclair Magnum
Offene Sinclair Magnum
Sinclair Magnum Trigger-Modifikation

Balloons is a small lightgun-testprogram (startaddress is $4000), after calibrating the lightgun (please attach it to Joypad-Port1 of the Jaguar) you can shoot on coloured balloons moving from the bottom to the top of the screen.

Lightgun-testprogram 'Balloons' screenshot

Joypad-testing program

The Joypad-tester-screen

The program-archive JPTEST2.ZIP is about 62 KB.

The DevPac-sourcecode-archive for the old version TEAMTAP.ZIP is about 16 KB (no images included).

The DevPac-sourcecode-archive for the new version is about 284 KB (but all pictures are included).

This program shows which buttons on which joypad is depressed. A depressed button will be marked in green on the Joypad-image and the used TeamTap-port is marked, too. If a joypad is directly connected to the Jaguar it will be shown as connected via Port A of a TeamTap.

Updated on August 15, 2001:

Can now show simultaneously depressed keys! Also shows the ControllerType-bits C1, C2 and C3 of each port!

BJL_PAD: Joypad-Emulation via BJL-cable

As a Jaguar developer using the BJL-kit i was always frustrated by the fact that i had to remove the BJL-cable in order to test 2-player mode games. BJL_PAD (archive is about 96 kb) solves this problem, it lets you control the joypad-port from MS Windows:


Jaguar-logo patchprogram

The Jaguar-intro with Underground-Logo

The programarchive INTROPTF.ZIP is about 76 KB.

This program exchanges the image of the Jaguar's head on the spinning cube of the intro-sequenz.

A 64*64 16bit-Pixel CRY-file (-->8192 Bytes) is used as input.

Use of JAG-files with FLASH- or EPROM-cards

The programarchive JAG2CARD.ZIP is about 19 KB and contains the utility and its sources.

The program JAG2CARD makes it possible to load JAG-files from a FLASH- or EPROM-card.


The programarchive is about 4 KB and contains a program to browse through the Jaguar's memory space.
December 26, 2002: New Version 1.1
Screen of MemoryDump V1.1
This version has an improved GUI, load- and startaddress is $4000.
Not listed on the menu is the ability to swap in the CD-ROM-BIOS by pressing PAUSE and to swap it out by pressing OPTION.


The programarchive is about 5 KB and contains a program to browse through the E2proms found on the game-cartridges and which are used to store game-data.
Screen of E2prom-Browser V1.1
The program supports the following Eeprom-types: 93C46 (128byte-Standard), 93C56, 93C66, 93C76 and 93C86.
Load- and startaddress is $4000.
More information.

Memory Track Manager 2003 Remix

The Memory Track Manager 2003 Remix is an enhanced version of the familiar Memory Track (MT) Manager that i created in 2003.
MT Manager 2003 Remix startscreen

More information.

Useful Jaguar Hacking Links

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